Pittsfield School Committee Meeting - July 20, 2022

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Pittsfield School Committee Meeting - July 20, 2022
7/15/2022 8:55:45 AM


I - A: Call to Order 00:00:01

I - B: Moment of Silence 00:00:26

I - C: Pledge of Allegiance 00:01:14

I - D: Roll Call 00:01:36

II - A: Participation by The Public 00:01:56

II - B: Communication by Chair 00:02:20

III: Information and Proposals 00:06:02

III - A: Report of The Superintendent 00:06:07

IV - A: Recommended Actions - Unfinished Business 00:27:35

A. Second Reading on Policy INS-123A, Pittsfield Public Schools Comfort Dogs (Enclosure No. 1)

V - A: Approval of Foreign Travel 00:32:57

Approval of Foreign Travel (Enclosure No.2) - Malaga, Spain

V - B: First Reading on Policies 00:35:05

First Reading on Policies (Enclosure Nos. 3A-3C) - Policy STU-34A, Sexual Harassment Policy for Sexual Harassment Against Students

V - B: First Reading on Policies 00:46:55

Revised Policy PER-14, sexual harassment policy for sexual harassment against employees

V - B: First Reading on Policies 00:59:43

Revised Policy FND-7, non discrimination policy including harassment and retaliation

V - C: Voice Club Presentation 01:03:38

Presentation on Taconic High School student voice club presentation

V - D: Student Representative Policies 01:23:04

Deliberation on Proposed Student Representative Policies

V - E: Discussion - Make Taconic High a full Vocational School 01:29:55

Presentation and Discussion on steps needed to make Taconic High School a full Vocational School for the 2023-2024 school year

V - F: Summative Evidence Submission 02:43:14

Presentation of Superintendents Summative Evidence Submission

VI - A: Approval of Minutes 03:17:59

VI - B: Personnel Report 03:18:31

VII - A: Executive Session 03:24:33

Items of Negotiations

IX: Adjournment 03:27:22

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