Pittsfield Community Development Board - December 1, 2020

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Pittsfield Community Development Board - December 1, 2020
12/1/2020 12:00:00 AM


Roll Call 00:01:31

Minutes 00:01:59

November 17, 2020

Determination 1 00:02:55

Plan of land prepared by James Seidl of SK Design Group for Louise Norton related to land located at 56 Caroline Street. The property can be further identified as assessor map E6-10-4

Determination 2 00:05:17

Plan of land prepared by Russell Sackett Jr of Sackett Survey Services for George Haddad related to land located on Churchill Street and Blythewood Drive. The property can be further identifed as assessor map D11-1-403 and D12-2-203

Zoning 1 00:06:48

Site Plan and Special Permit - Public Hearing An application from the city of Pittsfield Department of Public Utilities under section 7.824 (Public/Quasi-Public Utility) for the constuction of an 80' tall concrete water storage tank at the Pittsfield Municipal Airport, 832 Tamarack Road. (assesor map E4-1-1)

Zoning 2 00:12:26

Site Plan Review/Approval An application from Pure Botanicals, LLC under Section 7.735 and 7.850 for the construction of a marijuana cultivation and retail establishment at 239 West Street. (assessor map G8-7-11)

Zoning 3 00:17:32

Continued: Public Hearing - Zoning Text Amendment A peition from the City Council to amend City Code, Chapter 23 (the City of Pittsfield Zoning Ordinance): Article 23-4 Section 4.322 (Wireless Communication Facilities) in order to require a setback of 1,600 feet from residential structures and to require notification to all abutters within 1,600 feet through certified mail of a "proposed tower".

Old Business 1 02:53:58

Downtown Form Based Code

New Business 1 03:33:15

Reports from Staff or Members of the Board 03:33:50

Adjournment 03:35:15

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